Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Housekkeeping and Gardening At The House of Love On Cloud Nine

Dear Friends,

This morning I got up real early, crawled out of bed and had a wonderful walk around the track with a dear friend. It was so quiet and the day was just beginning for so many. I saw the regular walkers, joggers, bike riders and we secretly smiled and waved as we passed. Each knowing the pleasure of time for ourselves.
As I walked in the door an overwhelming sense of peace filled me. For the past few weeks I have been sorting through things no longer needed, organizing , spring cleaning and well making a mess. You know the kind, the mess you need to do before everything is organized. In order to do the closets right, the office, etc. I needed to take everything out. Wipe down the closet shelves , floors, wash comforters, pack up the rest of the winter clothes put things in a pile I didn't want go back drag them out you know the process.
Now I can honestly say how wonderful. The flowers are growing , the herbs are in the herb garden and pots, the winter clothes packed away, floors scrubbed and everything is organized. Yes I have a daily to do list, weekly organizing for the family, and we do semi OAMC, but this work was the major tasks that needed done.
The Yard well that is a whole other story. When I moved here I wanted no pesticides at all ( yes we were from California why are you asking), still don't but we had fleas our first year here. Oh bother , I gave the dogs garlic,planted penny royal well frankly nothing worked and I was beside my self . I found myself running into rural king asking anyone who would listen what to do. Well pesticides and chemicals kept coming up... so I gave my usual lecture why I didn't want those as people stared with that blank look.
Finally after weeks of dealing with this, I ran like I was in a shopping contest scooping up pellets, chemical shampoos the works..100.00 later , sweating I began flinging the stuff in the yard like I was dancing. One two three fling as the neighbors all stared. Especially the ones who told me to get these lovely products 3 weeks ago. Smiling, waving and flinging I was singing I am going to get you. The church gardener called over to see if I was ok... "yes Herb thanks for asking do you need any pellets"? I yelled over still flinging. Now fast forward to this year, still against pesticides I planted penny royal , have given garlic and ran to the store and got my pellets to fling. This time Angel Daddy suggested to buy a spreader oh well sure lets spread the love. Then I went to the front yard and started pulling out the weeds ( dandelion) with a little shovel and asked the boys and my husband to help. As they stared I explained I didn't want to use the spray like everyone else as it is not good for us.

I know I have recipes , pictures of the house to post and well maybe as a bonus package to the first hundred customers ..oops sorry that is the phone companies the wonderful recipe my friend Traci told me about using dandelions . Oh I do hope the dogs didn't pee on them. Oh joy never mind ..I am off to get my poster that says" deadly chemicals sprayed here" and maybe the neighbor dogs will be walked on the other side of the street.

Hope you all have a good day !

In his endless love,

Angel Mama ():)

4 Gracious friends said:

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you. I received your package. I will check back later for recipes. I am reading the Psalms. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me.


smarshmallow said...

That story was so funny when I heard it in person..........I was rolling around on the floor laughing. You are so funny! I wish I had your humor.

Love in Christ,
~Candi (Homekeeper at Heart)

Denise said...

Thanks for making me smile my dear friend.

Traci said...

HEEHEEHEE...... still laughing!!!