Friday, May 11, 2007

Angel Mama's Vintage Bedroom Retreat~

Dear Friends,

"Marriage is a sweet state, I can affirm it by my own experience, In very truth, I who have a good and wise husband Whom God helped me find."

Christine De Pisan

I have had a secret plan I have been working on and I am just about done. Well you know that as Angel Mama I am in charge of the plans in the house for example social, safety etc. Which in itself a pretty extensive job and you can never be too cautious, as every planner has I have my advisory committee . Not that I don't take to heart all your wonderful suggestions as my friends so if you have any please leave them for me.
Well I try to be cautious about my family as every good mama is but well my darling husband commutes a lot and was away for training and I have wanted to surprise him. Now that he is on his way home, h*o*m*e*l*a*n*d security let me disclose..LOL This year has been tough as all of our weekends are filled with getting things ready for the week ahead I make all his meals when he commutes, snacks etc for the week and we try to spend time with the kids making our own Angel Mama's Chuckie Nights etc. and we haven't had very much of relaxing time. So... I have decided to build a retreat. No for you inquiring minds not out of cardboard though I have made a time machine, bear machine , and a pretty mean play house. Sorry back on track...
A retreat for Angel Daddy and me. I have wanted my bedroom to look like a bed and breakfast. I did get a wonderful cameo antique bed at an auction last year ( yes when I won I danced and screamed as all the dealers stared, and laughed...oh who cares I got the bed and thats all that matters..when will I ever see those people ok every auction since but they always wink and ask how I like the bed ), a fireplace in the room etc. But at times my room became the catch all. Well no more I have organized , put a sweet couch, marble table and chairs, and even made chocolate. I am trying to get it all finished before he comes home so we can have breakfast there in the morning. So I am really excited.
I am going to put some of our barbecue recipes , cake and a quiche up today hope you enjoy.

Angel Mama ():)

12 Gracious friends said:

smarshmallow said...

that sounds wonderful!! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend with your husband!! Next time we talk, you will have to tell me how you do Chuckie Nights...........give me some pointers!!

Love you!!!

~Candi (Homekeeper at Heart)

Rosemarie said...

I see that this is a gift for the both of you. What a celebration of marriage and unity. It's a beautiful thing!

Please stop by and comment. I need tips and suggestions on my newest challenge. Remember I would share if I were led. Anyway, thanks for your prayers and continued encouragement.


"Pearl of wisdom...a heavenly voice."

Rosemarie said...

"I will be doing a post for you later."

Thanks Angel Mama!

If you'd like do a short post with a link back to my post. I'm looking for tips and suggestions. How to find coupons online anything that will help.

"Pearl of wisdom...a heavenly voice."

Denise said...

I hope you and your dear husband have a very lovely weekend my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear. I'm making the rounds tonight to everyone's blog before I retire for the night. ~ Wonderful conversation last night, thanks for calling. Hope you and hubs enjoy the retreat.
Goodnight "sister" ~

Mrs.X said...

What a precious and romantic surprise! Best wishes for dreams come true.

May I ask about your lovely "Thankful Thursday" button? Is it part of a carnival, or your own design? I love the idea! Am I allowed to post "ThTh" entries on my own blog? Please pardon me if it's impolite to ask... I'm a newbie and anXious to do things properly. Thank you!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for your lovely comments and visits. I will be around to visit you all soon with a cup of tea. Love , hugs and laughter. I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day and weekend.

Mrs X ,
I am going over to get the info to you.


Angel ():)

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Mrs X,

I put the information for you here to in case you don't see it on your comments.

Thank you for the nice comment and visit. Yes you can join TT it is over at Iris of Sting my Heart( She does it every week and you can get the code on her site for the button.

Have a great weekend.


Debbie said...

Awwww...... I'm so happy for you! Enjoy the time with your husband, I know it is precious!

Debbie said...

BTW, I loved the story of your made me smile. This is a great story to pass along with it if/when you hand it down!

HisLittleAnnie said...

I hope you and you darling hubby had a wonderful weekend. You guys are like us we are in much need of some down time.

Mrs.X said...

Got it. Thank you very much!!! You are an ANGEL.