Friday, May 4, 2007

How to break habits and change is hard~

Dear Friends,

I received this in an email , I put part of the letter here with permission :

Dear AngelM,

I found your blog surfing on blogger and am drawn to it. Would you please help me I need to break a habit and change my life some way. I want my husband to love me and care. I want to stop hurting and taking things to stop the pain.

Hurt and crying Norma

Dear Norma ,

I am sorry you hurting right now . Please know that I will pray for you. Remember:
" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me "
Philippians 4:13
I am humbled and honored you wrote. Per your request I am writing here to you.

I know how you must be hurting but please realize that the first step is to realize you are hurting and want to make a change which you are. Pray and open the bible let the Lord lead you on your journey of healing and changing your life for the better. Only you can change your behavior , the way you look at life , and become healthy for you. Realize that it takes 28 days to change a habit . Set small goals for yourself to get past the 28 day mark of changing the behavior you want to change. Give your problem over to the Lord and pray. As I wrote to you see if there is someone you can talk to in person at a local church, or somewhere that can help get you the support you need to help you on your journey. I am glad you realized relying on outside things to make you feel better or numb your pain will only make your problem worse. There is help and support out there for you of people who care and want to see you succeed. I know according to your letter you are embarrassed. Please realize in order to heal you have to face the things you need rid of in your life . SO don't be embarrassed be proud of the fact you want to take the necessary steps. Nothing in life worth having comes easy or without dedication or commitment. You asked how to be a good proverbs wife . Please worry about the steps of healing, no longer being dependent on outside things for your happiness, breaking those habits and replacing them with healthy things. Then see if you can find support, Christian friends, bible studies , a local church and go right to the source God himself in prayer, and read his word. I will write more to you later and please write to me your new secure email and I will send you things. I will write more later.

I am off to get the tickets ready, the strobe light, homemade pizza and prizes it is Angel Mama and Daddy's Chuckie Cheese night on cloud nine.

Love Angel Mama():)

We have wonderful ladies here who if led to can leave advice for you here, as well as pray for you.

7 Gracious friends said:

Denise said...

Dear Norma, God loves you so very much. He wants to comfort you, He does not want you to be in pain anymore. Let God take your pain away, He can set you free from the habits that have control of you right now.I will be lifting you up in my prayers, bless you sweet one.

Grandparents Corner said...

Hello Norma, my name is Bonnie. I'm so glad you wrote to Angel Mama. I would like to share a couple of Bible scriptures with you. If you have a Bible, open it to Jeremiah 29:11-13 or you can go to and look up scriptures there.
It states:
"For I know the plans I have for you (Norma)," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you, (Norma), hope and a future. Then you, (Norma), will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you (Norma). You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

You see how much God loves you? He loves you so dearly with all His heart and doesn't want you to be harmed or in pain. You see He has plans for you. He wants you to seek Him, pray to Him, with all your heart. If you do this, He can help you to get rid of the pain in your life, and also help you with your marriage. Ask God for His help. Talk to Him in your own words, letting Him know that you can't handle things on your own anymore; that you need Him to help you through each area of your life (name each one when you pray to Him. My heart and prayers will be with you. I hope you will keep in touch with Angel Mama and let her know how you are doing. Hugs and prayers, Bonnie

groovyoldlady said...

Trust and Obey, Norma. God's ways are awesome and they are for our good and for His Glory. I'll be praying for you, dear!

surjit said...

A noble blog.You are doing a great service.My best wishes.

Sharon said...

Norma, God is the answer. These dear ladies have given you the best advice. I really don't know what more I can add except that you are now in my prayers also.

Rosemarie said...

Dear Norma,

I know all about the desire to be a proverbs 31 woman. It's a long and arduous process, but with God's leading and the help of other woman of faith, who go before you, you are sure to accomplish that and more.

I pray that this post and those who are commenting will bring encouragement and support as you take your first steps in the direction of change.

It is my hearts cry that you receive the gift of healing and God's comfort through accepting Him. Your journey will begin there. It's the starting line to a new life!

If I could, I would hold your hands, look into your eyes and tell you how much your worthy of being robed in righteous and crowned with glory, and explain about the exchange of beauty for ashes.

Keep coming back here so that we may pray together as a Christian community for you and your family. It's not only our desire, but also our burden. You see, we once started where you are...without hope and desperate for happiness this side of heaven.

May the light and love of God be permeated through this message for you. May the angels encamp about you as you surrender your will and life to God.

Remember always, that YOU HAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE WITH GOD!

"Pearls of wisdom...a heavenly voice."

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Dear Friends,
Thank you all for your wonderful comments, prayers and thoughts for our friend Norma.

In his endless love,