Thursday, April 5, 2007

Presto HP Contest~ A Contest What Fun~

Dear Friends,

The Wonderful ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom
and Presto are having a lovely contest . They are giving away a really great prize of a Presto HP Printing Mailbox. For those of you who have family members that aren't connected to the net, but still want to receive all the cute pictures etc. you want to send, this would fit the bill.
Click here to sign up for it the deadline is April 9th.
This is perfect for someone like Mimi or as Sir Nicholas calls her Grandmother. Grandmother has so many children, grandchildren and friends that she is like the old woman in the shoe. She loves to get updates , pictures and correspondence from them all . Most of my cousins are high tech. You know the kind charge of internet security at banks but hey ...I am the official security guru of our computer and now know not to lock certain things on the firewall or there can be serious problems...~smile... back to the contest~ smile~Grandmother ,is not connected to the internet ,but this little machine would give her the chance to get things like grandchildren pictures printed off line~ so lovely and wonderful. The machine is $150.00 and service is only 10.00 a month but you could win this for someone you love for the machine and yr. of service free.
You have to sign up by the deadline and by the way for you lovely friends that don't have a blog there is a way for you to enter also.

By the way if there is a wonderful person at Presto that sees this post Mothers Day is coming up for Grandmother..Smile~ ():) Or even a lovely comment on my blog to know someone reads this would be wonderful too. ():)

Have fun and happy contest entering.


Angel Mama ():)

4 Gracious friends said:

The GateKeeper said...

Thanks for the contest info. I never win anything . . . ah sadness. You have a beautiful, beautiful blog.

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Dear Gatekeeper,

Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I hope you visit again and I will be visiting your blog. I hope you have luck with winning something soon.
In his endless love,
Angel Mama ():)

Grandparents Corner said...

Whew Hoo, what a great item to win. I'll have to check that challenge out and see if I could qualify. You're right, it would be perfect for your kids grandma.

I can't get over your beautiful pics here. I have not learned how to create anything with the effect you do in your pics. Are you self taught or took lessons somewhere? I love Victorian pics.

See my other post if you are reading this one first about my dear daughter's post being up and also about linking.

Blessed Easter Sunday to you and yours!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Dear Grandma,
Thank you for visiting. I enjoyed hearing from you again. I enjoy our visits back and forth now.
Go and sign up , good luck!

Angel ():)