Monday, April 23, 2007

Once a Month Cooking, Baseball , Gardening and Everyday life.

Dear Friends,

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. We went to the Indianapolis Indians baseball game and had a great time. Of course it is a couple hour drive for us but we really enjoyed it. We made these great flank sandwiches and Italian subs to bring up there, but the kids still needed to get the usual junk food...~smile~

I of course had to get refills for my cosmetics ( foundation) and shampoo. I found these wonderful brands without all the toxic chemicals . Before I found these great brands my face use to break out ..which surprised me because I never dealt with that before. After reading about toxins, and all those lovely additives I now see why. SO of course I was thrilled I got a game and cosmetics the same day. Of course having a house of little and big men they didn't understand my thrill even if we had to traipse all over Indy for it. I can't find them anywhere around here so when we go up there I stock up...LOL Not that any of this has to do with baseball.

We had such a wonderful weekend. At the game Sir Nick got to run the bases after the game, too cute. He got his baseball he has been toting since last season signed by Rowdy the mascot and a few players. He joined the knot hole club again. Which is such a cheap frugal way for families to go out to the ball park. For 14.00 he got a t shirt and can go to every game for 6.00 . It was a great day all around. Our other son Jon was a great big brother and took pictures of him etc.

We then came home and played chuckee cheese which meant Mom and Dad didn't want to take the boys to Chuck's place..LOL We had pizza , played games and gave prizes here at home.

Now today we are going to garden ,and take care of the yard . My lilac bushes are my favorite. I am so lucky my sons love to help in the yard.

I then have to cook for my darling husbands commute again. We do the OAMC and semi lately for his commutes. Luckily this weekend he had a long deserved weekend off after working so much. SO today we are making sirlion roast and slicing for roast beef sandwiches. We also buy our cheese in bulk at GFS and slice ourselves too. We are making two roast sticky chickens, pulled Carolina pork for pork sandwiches ( I don't make pork much so this is a treat), a tray of Ziti, cheesecake brownies, cookies, salads ( pasta, copy cat coleslaw and three bean ) I also always send tossed salad fixings. I hope to get pita bread and chips made. Wish me luck.

I will post pictures of the game later.


Angel Mama ( D.)

9 Gracious friends said:

Akelamalu said...

Your weekend sounds geat, especially as you combined some retail therapy in it too!

The description of the food you are cooking is making me hungry!

Have a nice day in the garden.

Anonymous said...

Oohh....may I come over and eat??? You are an inspiration!! Love the flower photo. Thanks for this post, Angel ;).

KC said...

sounds like you had a fun weekend.. Playing chuck e cheese, that had me giggling..
The food you are cooking sounds yummy.
Have a wonderful week and Happy Monday

Denise said...

I am glad that you, and your family enjoyed your weekend.The food sounds very delicious, love you sweet one.

Traci said...

Sounds like you had such a wonderful weekend!
Hope to hear from you very soon!

Hugs and lots of LOVE,

Anonymous said...

Oh, that all sounds so yummy!!

Always covering you in prayers my lovely friend!!


Debbie said...

Your weekend sounded wonderful! I love the Chuckee cheese idea! Thanks.

groovyoldlady said...

YOu can cook for me anytime!

In your quest for natural products, have you found a "safe" sunscreen? I MUST use sunscreen on my face (I have, sadly enough, a sun allergy!), but they all make my eyes burn and itch, even if I don't get them near my eyes! The Neutrogena one I just bought even made my asthma kick in!

Grandparents Corner said...

Oh, your cooking sounds yummy. Your family is blessed!