Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tips for Decorating Beautiful and Frugal

Dear Friends,

I just love creating vignettes in my home. Taking ordinary things we have already and making our house cozy and pretty with them. I call them my little treasures. I have enjoyed collecting tea cups, china, vintage ephemera, antiques , Victorian and vintage treasures over the years that I love to embellish . I love bookbinding, , mixed media arts and using my creativity. It has been a frugal way to decorate and get our own look. I have always loved finding old antiques, treasures and wares . I haul them home to the dismay of my family as if they are homeless orphans, never spending much on them but time. I enjoy refinishing or reupholstering a piece to its former glory. My best find has been the two Gothic Victorian Royalty chairs I found at an auction. They had been stored in a barn so you can imagine....LOL

Keep a watch for estate sales, yard sales and the thrift store you never know what you might uncover.

Keep the measurements of the nooks that you need to fill so if you run across something you will know if it will fit.

Always check the leg joints of old chairs to make sure they are repairable. Take into consideration the time to refinish, reupholster and learn to do them yourself you will save a fortune.

Watch for upholster fabric to appear at Walmart and such places, buy it right away as the money you save is astounding but selection varies, is limited and being eliminated in some stores. Buy good fabric to redo as will be worth the time and effort later.

Find new ways to use old things and make displays. I have a vintage button collection in old apocathary jars, or in a frame. I have taken old watch parts and put them in frames as art for gifts or our home displays.

Happy home decorating.

Angel Mama ():)

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HisLittleAnnie said...

It is amazing what most think is junk but in fact is a treasure. I love finding all farm stuff to decorate my home with. I like the earth and rustic look. A mountain cabin is my dream home.