Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beautiful Gift of Charm~Have A Blessed Day

Dear Friends,

My gracious friend Mrs. Sharon who I have had many artistic adventures with over the years bought this lovely Queen charm for my birthday. We both love making jewelry, artistic trading cards and just having a cup of tea and having fun. We co chaired a few auctions and fund raisers over the years and had a great time.

Sharon and her husband supported me in my election many years ago. Her darling husband and my dear friend chaperoned our sons on a camp outing ( giggles~ of which he is still one of my hero's~) But his nickname for me was Queen Bee when I became President of the board and a organization in our community. They said they couldn't resist the charm when they saw it. If we find out who the artist is I will add and give credit as I always love promoting fellow artists.

Both Sharon and I have experimented with soldering , charms , and bead working etc. We are in the process of getting together a small charm swap. I am deciding what bracelet to add this too and will take the pictures for you this week. I am hoping Sharon will start a blog ( hint , hint) . Thank you again Sharon and Dear F. for the wonderful gift and friendship of our families over the years. May the miles never keep us apart.

When you love your family and friends, are a gracious hostess, lovely housekeeper, good Mom, and wonderful wife which I know we all try you are the Queen of your home. So dear fellow Queens enjoy your day with your families in your castles.

Good news of the Day I spoke with Miss J. my daughter she is doing great made the Deans list and is doing some wonderful art projects. She is starting her blog and will be making something for me to give away on my blog. Will keep you posted my gracious friends.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Angel Mama

2 Gracious friends said:

Denise said...

Sweet blessings to you always.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful charm-

Congratulations to your dd- sounds like she is working hard in college