Sunday, February 18, 2007

Special Family Times

Dear Friends,
Our family was really excited to be going to visit my Grandmother for her B day and all of our special relatives were going to be there!
Planning out trip there brought back so many good memories.When we were little my cousins and I had a GBC er's club. Meaning Grandma's Basement Club. All of us use to have so much fun making crafts, planning events, doing art work, playing board games and baking with each other and our Special Grandma. So we were so excited to go to see her , see everyone and have our Nicholas be part of his own GBC er's club now that there is a whole new membership...LOL But sadly due to the storms and weather we all had to cancel....
So we called Grandma instead . Grandma is a very special mother, grandmother, friend, sister in Christ and so much more to so many. She has a nick name which is Mimi but to Nicholas it is Grandmother. He was so disappointed to not see his cousins , Aunt who he calls his other grandmother , Great Grandmother, Nana and all that he was very sad and cried. So we set out to cheer him up. He has his favorite pictures on his desk ( of his sister, brothers, cousins, and Grandmother and him reading .....He wanted posted here) So now you can meet Grandmother too. She is a very special loving woman . Happy Birthday Mimi, and as Nicholas would say "Grandmother".
He was very worried about his cousins and the storm and wanted to see them . He has already begun planning a visit for spring and his mapping it out ...LOL
On cheer up Nicholas day we made blueberry muffins ( I have the recipe on here for you all ....enjoy~smile~), went sledding on our special hill, had hot chocolate , and played games ( yes board games and others ~smile~ did that date me.....?LOL) He did have fun and was able to spend special time with his Dad.His Dad has been real busy lately working so hard for us all so this did give them special time.
This morning we made orange scones a copy cat version of a famous coffee shop. They turned out excellent , . I will post the recipe .
Well we are off to play in the snow again and have hot chocolate . So hope you all have a great day.

Many blessings your way!

In his endless love,

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