Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life with Angel Mama on Cloud Nine~ July 2007

Dear Friends,

We have been having thunderstorms here so my time on here today will be limited. I hope you all have a lovely day and will catch up later. I have decided to use the time to get the tomatoes I bought and picked from the yard into some sauce, ,marinated and dried. I put one of the recipes I love on here and hope you all like it. I am making a roasted chicken , roasted potatoes , fresh tomato salad and blueberry crumble for dinner. We have my friend Mary M and her family from church coming for dinner. Our kids are all about the same age which will be nice.

I have still been doing my daily walks and devotion time real early before I start my day. I met a few friends this morning as we hoped to get a walk in before the rain started again but no such luck...LOL I have to be over to the library this afternoon for Sir. N. summer reading program. So I will try to find some more great summer reading books.

I will check in with you later . Enjoy your day my friends and may it be filled with joy and love.

In his endless love,

Thank you for your sweet comments: Tiany, Donetta, Denise, Suzanne, LindaF, Mrs Wibbs,

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6 Gracious friends said:

Tiany said...

We have a stroem brewing here too! I should follow your example and get off here myself :-)

Your early devotions sound like such a blessing, I would really liketo do the same. I need to do the same! :-)

Donetta said...

Ah... a walk in the rain.

Denise said...

It has been raining here today also.

Susanne said...

It's very muggy up here in my part of Canada and we're looking at some thunderstorms sometime today.

It's nice to "meet" you. Thanks for coming by my place and leaving a comment.

LindaF said...

Ooo great summer recipe!

I found you at the All Woman Blogging Carnival

Mrs Wibbs said...

The more I visit this blog the more I see what a truly sweet spirited woman you are! Your posts ooze with the fragrance of Christ, bring warmth to my heart and give me hope.
I guess what I am saying is I will be dropping by a lot more from now on, and will add you to my 'blogroll', if you don't mind :o)
Thank you for your love and grace, I am inspired!!