Friday, June 1, 2007

Life Is A Journey~ Vintage Housekeeping Tips

Dear Friends,

Well Friday is here, I can hear the Fred Flinstone whistle now. Here is a guest column I wrote for my friend Candi's blog: From now on when I do one I will just link it over to there but since this will answer some questions some of you had for me I will leave this one here for now. I have had some questions about my banner . Thank you all for your kind questions and comments. Being a mixed media artist,I made the banner, but will be playing around with it to make some things bigger etc. If you have any suggestions please leave them for me as I love you all and your comments. I will add more of my art work, studio, binder recipes etc. in the next few days.

My kids and I use to make an outside art studio every summer and use to attend art parks etc. So I have been collecting supplies, tutorials and such for Sir Nick and Jon for the summer . We will be including those also.

Here is my column:

I have been a friend of Candi's as well as reader of her blog for quite awhile now, and wanted to formally introduce myself. I am humbled and honored to be doing a guest column for her while she is in the process of moving. My nick name is Angel and so many of my friends and family use that. I am a blessed Christian SAHM, of four wonderful children and a loving husband whom I love pampering. I love to be the queen of my castle, garden, bake , OAMC, cook, and consider each day a gift and journey. I love to make lists and schedules, sometimes even crossing things off them ..LOL I love finding bargains and am a bulk- buying and bulk-cooking Aficionado. I believe in being a good steward of my husbands hard earned money .

My family loves to travel , make art projects together, read, go to museums the zoo , make soap , volunteer and learn something new everyday. I have been asked on my blog ( which I started in Feb) to put up my binder, family activities , crafts and more recipes so as I share my life and journey I will add things here also. We have a small art studio that we would like to expand. I have been a speaker at various womens conventions, a volunteer , mixed media artist and avid recipe collector. I love my family dearly as I know you all do so I collect any tips along the way of life to pamper them and make each day special. I have learned over the years its is the small touches in life that make things so special. I enjoy reading your tips and about your families and lives also. So many wonderful friendships are made around the kitchen table , so please pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea or sweet treat and enjoy each others company.

Speaking with Candi yesterday, they have accomplished so much packing and taking to the storage unit in such a short time. I know we are all thinking of her now and can't wait to hear about her new home soon. If you have a message your would like me to give Candi or would like to contact me please feel free to email me at: AngelMamasheart at gmail dot com. My blog is here. As I know your thoughts and comments mean a lot to Candi and myself , but she probably won't be moderating them until she is settled.

I always say moving is such a joy I mean just think of all the art work you get to make with the leftover boxes, how great the post office is at forwarding mail and the joy of having family meetings around the kitchen table where to place furniture ( well when you finally get the boxes unpacked and find the table). Well they are possibilities...LOL Speaking with Candi yesterday, they have accomplished so much packing and the storage unit in such a short time.

My husband commutes so the weekends are important to us and very busy. So I enjoyed a wonderful walk around the track this morning and washed all the bedding to be hung out. I found the most wonderful vintage look tea towels on clearance lately ( the picture of them is above)and just love them. I have found that tea and kitchen towels after use can harbor germs. To combat this I soak mine overnight in boiling water and one drop of essential oil ( usually tea tree, lavender or lemon ) , then wash. I also soak them in the final rinse with a half a lemon in muslin.

I will add some recipes later. We are off to the library to get some special books for my 7 yr old, make some ribs I am so excited about we got 20 pounds for 1.00 a pound. I have a wonderful rub we use then a special sauce and they taste like Apple bees.

In his endless love,

Angel (Angel Mama ) ():)

6 Gracious friends said:

Denise said...

You are so wonderfully talented.

Akelamalu said...

Have a great weekend Angel. x

Ann said...

Tell Candy congrats on the new house and I love your banner

Debbie said...

Hi Angel, I would like to know more about that rib rub. We've been grilling a lot more lately and need something to spice things up. Before placing on grill, I use plenty of seasoning and sauces(these only seem to flavor after cooking), but enjoy different marinades and such. It's just hard to find something really great. :)

Traci said...

Hugs to you my sweet friend.... missing you so very much!


Akelamalu said...

Your banner is beautiful,as is your whole blog. Such talent!

PS I have now published my Dad's book on my new website. I have put details on my blog today. Hope you may be able to find time to take a look and let me know what you think. :)