Friday, June 15, 2007

Family Life on Cloud Nine with Angel Mama ():)

Lovely Pictures : Source Perrier

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for your kind words and support. May all of your days including today be filled with blessings , smiles and laughter. So many friendships are made around the kitchen table so thanks for pulling up a chair and giving me some time and commenting. Speaking of the kitchen table what sort of goodies do you like making in the summer? I am always looking for new recipes or ideas. I confess that I read cookbooks and wonderful magazines like novels at times...LOL

I have got so much accomplished these past few days for the summer art projects and workshops the kids are hosting here. I am so excited for them. They are each hosting a different day and we are planning treats, pizza on the grill and different salads. My wonderful husband and sons have put together my home screen printing workshop for such a reasonable price I am so thankful. If you have read the guest columns I have done for Candi's blog then sorry you might have already read these details...LOL

I have really enjoyed waking up to the beautiful sounds of the birds, grabbing a cup of jasmine tea and reading my devotionals outside before I go to the track. It has been so enjoyable spending time amongst the lovely flowers, lavender and hearing the water from the fountains .

We try to make the outdoors and extension of our home creating little garden rooms and use them to entertain in. We have made a few of the concrete tile benches over the years. No please don't ask what it costs to ship them across the country, when you move...LOL My husband and I love making salads or a light pasta meal and eating out there with torches lit at night, or during the day while the boys swim. No the above pictures are not from my garden but from Source Perrier and I thought I would share the sweet tables and inspiration. I love entertaining and making it like a bistro out there for my family with nice plates and a sweet setting. I will make a badge of the garden and put it in.

My husband and sons are laughing at me as I saw a design for a rose fabric tent complete with a screen window and thought I can do that. So I am making an art tent to do my projects outdoors and just watch Nick as he swims. I am using heavy 100 percent cotton rose fabric to cover it and making the screen window. I found a really beautiful old chandelier that I was able to get at an auction for pennies as it needed rewired. I have filled it with moss, French ribbons and will hang quaint little dainties from it. I will put that out there with my wrought iron table and chairs. It will be my version of a Ladies play house. I will also use it to host a Christmas in July tea I am having next month for a few of us to make some charm bracelets. I am trying some new designs and hope they will be good for Christmas presents.

I have been drying some of my herbs , , fruit leather and lots of lemonade and snow cones with the heat..LOL The other day I made pita bread and cookies . How about you? I would love to know if you planted a garden,or what you are doing for the summer.

Have a lovely day my friends and stop to smell the fresh linens on the line and roses in the garden.

In his endless love,

Angel Mama ():)

5 Gracious friends said:

Akelamalu said...

Please post a picture of your tent when you have finished it. It sounds like it will be soooo pretty. You're thinking about Christmas already? I just love plain Strawberries and Cream on a hot summer day!
Reiki Blessings to you Angel.

Anonymous said...

True Confessions- I also love reading cookbooks! Even if I never make it, just reading awesome cookbooks is great fun to me! I love the pictures you posted and we just bought 2 acres of land that I cannot wait to put my touch on! We have to move first - LOL! Our house is under contract - LOL to Jesus! I agree that living outdoors is wonderful for the family! Your web page is wonderful! I am adding you to my blog roll!

Denise said...

I love cookbooks, and beautiful flowers. Your tent sounds so lovely.

Alycia said...

I also love to read cookbooks and magazines this time of year. Such a lovely post today and I enjoyed reading it very much. You can just feel the warmth of your family in your writing. Blessings today!

Debbie said...

*BIG SIGH* I soooo wish I could go to your Christmas in July tea.....*sighing again and turning slightly green* lol
You will definitely have to post pics!

I want to see one of your tent, also. It sounds like it will be gorgeous!