Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Family Life, Heart Felt Chats

Dear Friends,
We love learning something new everyday and teaching our children about life. Over the years we have attended concerts, museums, arts festivals,field trips many aquariums and zoos.We have have taught them to cook , bake, balance a check book, write poetry and make science projects.
It has been for fun to teach them how to experiment, design things , write stories , and photography. Among the projects , these are a few favorites:photosyntheses, photography, mixed media arts, made lights out of batteries, our own batteries, made our own kites , origami and various others fun things.
Part of our yearly budget includes memberships to art , science, and other museums as well the zoo . Every week we make treks to the library and have a huge extensive library in our home. We try to make learning fun and creative.
Have picnic basket will travel is our motto. Over the years we have had our own family field trips, day trips and camp outings. My husband and boys really love geo caching,exploring.The best part is finding and leaving treasures for others, including trinkets and notes. The kids have loved nature hikes whether they were at the Niagara Gorge, Red wood forest,Golden Gate Park, Russian River, Mohican State Park, Turkey Run, beaches, national forests,or camp grounds. We have lived in the North, traveled to Canada, the West, Midwest and love to travel with the kids. We teach them how to read and make maps, keep journals and they have participated in an archeology dig.
We have enjoyed teaching them about various cultures and made festival nights. We try to do something different each time, keeping them occupied by reading, watching movies,and cooking an ethnic meal . At times we have made crafts and traveled to various areas. Their favorite was San Fransisco's China town.
They have enjoyed going to a corn festival , actually going into a corn and wheat field, apple picking, strawberry picking, planting a garden and seeing not only how things are grown but harvested. Below is some pictures from one of our outings.
They have been lucky enough to be invited to corporate parties and tour plants.
Do you all do any special field trips and do you have any advice for us ? We would greatly appreciate.

In his endless love,

Angel Mama ():)

6 Gracious friends said:

smarshmallow said...

I love all YOUR ideas!! YOU are the one that I come to for advice, lol. You have such great ideas.

~Candi (Homekeeper at Heart)

Denise said...

You and your husband are wonderful parents, bless you both.

Carey said...

Wow, you guys have done a lot. Thats wonderful! we love to go to the zoo(have you tried doing a behind the scenes look at the zoo? or following a zoo keeper?) we haven't done that yet either, but would like too. Asn we are always at the library too. Thanks for sharing all your ideas. sorry i dont have many others to offer, but ill let you know if i come up with any.

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Thank you Candi and Denise You both are such wonderful friends, women and a great inspiration to me.

Thank you Carey for the idea . I had never thought of a behind the scenes. That would be so fun and informative. Thanks for stopping in to visit . Please come again. I will be over to visit.


Angel Mama ():)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful times and happy memories that you have made! Thanks for sharing! I am going to give dh the 'Dangerous Book for Boys' for father's day, I think both dh and ds (and dd and I) will enjoy it.


groovyoldlady said...

My older two loved going on nature hikes as long as I didn't try to teach them anything while we were trekking. Like THAT would ever happen!