Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sweet times with La Famiglia

Dear Friends,
This weekend was busy as usual..LOL!
We celebrated my precious Nick's birthday, he is growing so big and tall. He requested his favorite cake with chocolate icing, baked Ziti and garlic sticks. We enjoyed the wonderful time with him and Jon . Of course Dad had to take the boys out to play baseball with Nicks new glove. What a beautiful Spring day. I enjoyed looking around the garden area and seeing all the flowers starting to pop up.I think everyone here is finally starting to feel better.
I spent most of the day Saturday preparing semi OAMC courses. I tried to accommodate everyone's requests as you will see...~smile~ from the varied menu! The iron chef competition has nothing on me...~smile~ LOL.. Just to answer your question in advance if you are like my friend Mary ...."No I am not crazy to make all this .....! ( I am trying to answer this with a straight face...) just in love and trying to please all my men in the house. So the requests came in from Papa, the boys and yes Darling husbands co workers who I have decided to call my taste testers ( "Angel Mama's taste testers"). If you would like to apply for the position also I will let you check out my recipes, grade them and send you a box of treats once in awhile! I buried this to see if anyone reads my posts besides my Dear Friends Candi , Sweet Annie, Doris, Mrs Denita, Traci and my wonderful Aunt.....( hehe ) just teasing. If I get up to 10 readers a day I am sending my friend Candi a box of homemade chocolates for believing in me.... Oh will send anyway she is too sweet !But thanks girls for being such good friends....~smile ~ I love you ! Now as Sir Nick would say, "back to the story". SO once upon a time an Angel ( who lives at this virtual address) , put on a yellow apron , got out her request box, recipes and made:

Two stock pots of soup ( Angel Mama's Cream of Broccoli and Potato, and Angel Mama's Turkey Minestrone)

Italian Roast Beef ( to slice for roast beef subs for Darling husband and infamous taste testers)

6 Dozen Cookies

Angel Mama's Carolina Pulled Pork

Angel Mama's Baked Ziti (with carrots famiglia secret to sneak veggies...LOL)

3 Loaves Whole Wheat banana bread ( By the way remind me to tell you of the wonderful wheat flour I found at Wally's World)

Two pizzas

I will include the recipes along with spa recipes you will need after making all this :)

With Love,
Angel Mama ():)

4 Gracious friends said:

Traci said...

Wow, you are a busy girl...heehee.... Love the meals .... they sound so good.... well, we are doing a little better today... fevers have broke so maybe we are on the way to feeling much better too.... now off to do some more disinfecting.... lol.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful but busy weekend! Happy belated birthday wishes to the birthday boy. Love reading your blog and your recipes sound wonderful.

Have a relaxing week.


Pearls of Wisdom said...

Thank you all so much for the wonderful friendship and stopping by my virtual home.
Traci so glad you all are feeling a tiny bit better. I will keep praying for you all.

Kathy you are such a sweet person and friend. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Nick and stopping in. I had my morning tea while reading your posts.

Love and Hugs,

Angel Mama ():) (D)

Anonymous said...

I would like the baked ziti recipe please