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Top 10 hints for Frugal, Thrifty Bargain Shopping Chic Boutique

The Revolutionary Costume For Today by Mary Louise Wilson

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Dear Friends,

Frugal , Thrifty Bargain Shopping at " La Econome Chic Boutique " ( Frugal Chic Boutique)..LOL

"In order to be irreplaceable one must be different"
Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was a Fashion designer who ruled over Parisian haute and beauty culture for over six beautiful decades. She was born 1883-1971.

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

Coco Chanel

I have always been a fashion angel to friends and family,matching shoes and handbags were a trademark> ~ smile~ LOL I was named one of the best dressed in H.S. , and most likely to open a boutique ! ( Thanks Dear friend Phillip for the new category add once I became Senior...LOL). Just out of H.S. I started a charm school and ran local fashion shows for designers and a couple of the malls. Now you know one of the 101 things about me...smile~
But my family then was like we all are now on a budget which meant thrifty shopping, budgets and frugal style. I have always loved mixing , matching, being different and bargains. I renamed these specialty boutiques when I was a freshman and seniors wanted to know my source.., hey I was in H.S. who wanted to admit to power spending at the local Goodwill ....LOL so these became my secret boutiques as I called them. Over the years I have gotten NWT's leather handbags ( yes for the inquiring minds they are still able to be had but harder to get now...sigh), leather suitcases (yes you know the ones), designer dresses , vintage furs, antique jewelry, 150.00 designer leather shoes for $3.59 and a many other hidden treasures. I have gotten so good I can now spot a NWT driving down the road 20 miles an hour in a store window display. Yes I drive safe...please look before crossing the street. My reigning title among friends who know my secret passion is gulp...."Paper bag Queen of Fashion" ..hey nicknames among friends make friendships stronger is my motto. Besides its a great title to have when you have to help a friend or family member find a great outfit in less then 24 hours with less then 30.00 with the mere requirements : must fit, must be designer and cool, must be NWT or look it etc...LOL I know there are some of you who won't like this post and yes I have been on your blogs where the 300.00 outfits 200.00 shoes are just a mere drop in the bucket on sale items you get. But I love you all just the same.. especially your great taste and financial wisdom to declare a deduction for said outfit and donate since you already wore ! I also admire the financially savvy fashion forward woman who takes to the specialty consignment store. I am sending angel kisses all of your and my Darling husbands way. My darling gets kisses for having the patience for me to frequent these haunts.
Style and Fashion are as unique as you and you can't put a price on that. Getting classic clothing will always be in style and you won't look cookie cutter nor will you go in debt to be clothed in style. Here are as promised the top 10 hints to bargain thrift. As this is my virtual home I am wishing you much happiness and success at bargain shopping. I am also hoping you will be doing the "happy dance " as my friend Theresa calls it when you find your hidden treasures . Of course here is hoping for me if you are my size you don't find all my spots ...LOL

1. Find your local thrifts and the best ones near major University and even better yet near the outlet malls that donate.

2.Once you locate them find their hours of operation, the days they rotate stock, have sales, and when new things are put out.

3. Ask if they have boutique items placed in a certain area ( NWT etc.)

4. Keep a small notebook of all your families sizes as well as your homes measurements for curtains and nooks for furniture etc.

5. Keep a small kit in the car with hand sanitizer, measuring tapes, candy bars ( hey you might be awhile) and a big tote bag.

6. Check at estate sales and antique auctions for vintage clothing. If you don't see still ask sometimes they have wonderful vintage hats, handbags, furs , jewelery etc. they think no one will want so they plan to donate .

7. Sign up at the consignment store for special newsletters, flyer's , email and preview days.

8. Check the consignment stores and thrift store windows and displays for the good things.

9. Be prepared to circle the perimeter, look through racks and take your time , the treasures you find will be well worth.

10 Have fun and donate yourself as that is the circle of kindness and blessing others.

Have fun and happy bargain hunting.
If you have any tips for me and others please leave a comment and I will email you about a special day I will be doing and would like you to participate. I will be giving away a bath basket to pamper yourself after a hard day of thrifty , bargain shopping.

Angel Mama ():)

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2 Gracious friends said:

HisLittleAnnie said...

Oh you have told my secret. I have found London Fog coats and jackets at thrift stores for less than $25 brand new with tags still on. Hubby was in heaven.

Hugs are a must

Anonymous said...

ooooh great ideas!

I am going to have to check out our thrift stores. I didn't think about checking out the store close to the college.


Kathy -off on a bargain hunt ;-)