Friday, March 16, 2007

Cleaning and Decorating Miss Pearl's Home~

Dear Friends,

"Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful."
William Morris

I have found over the years my style has changed for decorating, hobbies and general interests . If you are like me you have found yourself with treasures you know longer love, need, or sigh....want.
I now live in a Gothic Brick Victorian that has a very ornate Victorian style. It was designed by a woman named Pearl to look like a European castle. With its arched windows, wooden floors, Gothic chandeliers and iron work it has been very charming and lovely to live in. But I have found some of my "treasures " don't quite fit or look right in. In simplifying my life , living in beauty , and realizing style is not about money. I have made not only my cleaning schedules, decorating folders, donation bags, a garage sale pile but a true picture of what I want and need in my life. I am busy organizing my office/studio, living room and pantry this week my friends and will have pictures.
I love my home immensely and would love to live here forever in my fairy tale home but know with my Dear husbands line of work that more in likely will change . In the mean time I want to live in the beauty of an organized sweetly decorated warm home. When we decide to simplify our lives, and send objects we no longer love to new places to live to people who will be blessed by them, we then make room in our lives for the new the Lord is blessing us with. So I will be going through my cleaning schedule this week , finishing more baking and enjoying my week. Enjoy yours my friends.

" We shape our dwellings , and afterward our dwelling shapes us."
Winston Churchill

Angel Mama():)

1 Gracious friends said:

HisLittleAnnie said...

Sometimes I wonder if the best thing that happen to us was loosing everything. It made me realize just how much "junk and baggage" I had. Now my home is simple and comfortable. As I replace things I am making sure that is useful and will be useful in 10-15 years and it will be useful if the grid collapses and we have to live like great momaw. Amazing how our "views" change when we have our focus where it needs to be huh