Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February is International Friendship Month

Dear Friends,

"A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity."
Proverbs 17:17

February is International Friendship month.
This post is dedicated to my wonderful daughter Miss Jacquie. Miss Jacquie started her International friendships at an early age. She was enrolled in a multi cultural advanced gate learning program in kindergarten. Jacquie always had a way of cheering up others and making them smile. When she was in Middle school she went on an exchange program to Belarus, learned the language , explored , and made many friends that she keeps in touch with to this day.
To our family our friendships are priceless. We have instilled in our children that hospitality, friendships and caring for others goes hand in hand. It has taken some sacrifice on our time and budget but we have hosted many exchange students over the years.These commitments , experiences and friends have enriched our lives. We hosted many parties, dinners, events and tours for the group that my daughter visited in Belarus when they came to visit America. I wouldn't trade those moments in time for anything. Lana and Sasha as well as many others became part of our family. It has been many years now and they still keep in touch with Miss Jacquie by email and snail mail. I was very honored to help many in the group pick out their senior year dance dresses to bring back to Belarus.
At one time my wonderful husband and I were officers in Lions International. I was also appointed Lions International Youth Exchange representative for Western states. What a wonderful job the Lions do of organizing so many wonderful cultural exchanges. Through the Lions we also hosted Masami from Japan. Masami was such a delightful young lady and wonderful guest. We took her too tour all over Northern California, camping, to the beach and shopping. We took part in many parties and events with all the host families and students during those exchanges.
One of my good and delightful friends Doris is from Germany and has enriched my lives so much ! Hugs and love to you my friend.
Before the month of February comes to an end take time to enrich your families lives by keeping in touch with the wonderful friends God has brought into your lives. Send an email, card, post card or quick phone call over tea.

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