Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Day of Donating, Love and Prayer for Heather

Update as of 5:00 Pm central time over 7,000.00 has been raised for Heather and her family.
As of 9:00 am central time April 19,2007 over 10,300.00 has been raised praise be to God.
For updated amount click here : Update

Dear Friends ,

For my wordless Wednesday picture keep scrolling thanks.

Well today is the day Boo Mama has her day of loving for Heather of Especially Heather
to help Heather and her family with the expenses of her treatment for her brain tumor at the Mayo clinic. You can head over to Boo Mama's and click the donation button to help Heather , Mark and their family in their time of need. Whether you are in the position to donate or not please continue to uplift Heather and family in your prayers to the Lord. Thanks all . The donation button ( pay pal ) will remain up for a couple of weeks.
I would like to thank Boo Mama Jada, I should be folding laundry and all that have participated, donated , prayed and helped in regards to this fund raiser.

In his endless love,

Angel Mama ():)

5 Gracious friends said:

Rosemarie said...

Giving from the purest place to those in need gives God glory. Amen!

I made a small contribution to Heather's trip this morning. May she be lifted up by the prayers and thoughts of many.


Pearls of Wisdom said...

Dear Rosemarie,
Thanks so much for your offering and prayers. I will be by to visit later.



Rosemarie said...

You are now linked under "It's All About the Saints."

Many Blessings...

Grandparents Corner said...

Angel Mama, thank you for sharing about Heather today, it reminded me to stop by BooMamas.

Sending *hugs* your way!

Monique said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your WW is awesome....what is it? So pretty though! I really like your blog. I hope mine can be as full as yours someday!